11/14/2022 - Blood and Brutality has released their EP entitled, "Life Support" and is available on Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and Itunes. https://bloodandbrutality.bandcamp.com/album/life-support-ep


10/31/2022 - Blood and Brutality will be releasing a new EP entitled "Life Support" on November 14, 2022.


9/01/2022 - Blood and Brutality will be playing Torture Fest 2 at The Nick on September 24, 2022.


2/02/2022 - Seid has released their 4th album entitled, "Svartr sól". https://seid.bandcamp.com/album/svartr-s-l


12/20/2021 - Blood and Brutality have a show scheduled for January 8, 2022 at True Story Brewery 5510 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham, Al. 35212 . https://www.facebook.com/events/375610707695930/?acontext=%7B%22source%22%3A%2229%22%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3A%22plan_user_invited%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&notif_id=1639679540612708&notif_t=plan_user_invited&ref=notif


12/20/2021 - Blood and Brutality have a show scheduled for January 7, 2022 at the Firehouse CAC 412 41st Street S, Birmingham, Al. 35222. Tickets are $10.00 and the show starts at 7p.m. https://www.facebook.com/events/288063529924968?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22extra_data%22%3A%22%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark%22%7D%2C%7B%22extra_data%22%3A%22%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22your_upcoming_events_unit%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D


11/12/2021 - "Becoming" single by Blood and Brutality has been released. https://bloodandbrutality.bandcamp.com/album/becoming-single


 3/30/2021 - "The Goddamned Lord" by Thousand Year War was released. Features Arant on drums. https://sadistrecords.bandcamp.com/album/thousand-year-war-the-goddamned-lord?from=search&search_item_id=117704345&search_item_type=a&search_match_part=%3F&search_page_id=1973922668&search_page_no=1&search_rank=10&search_sig=a347147346f485fe21fc5f3a63f8530b


11/13/2020 - "Sifting Through the Remnants" EP by Serrated has been released. https://serratedofficial.bandcamp.com/album/sifting-through-the-remnants 


10/31/2020 - B&B Records released the "Necropolis" EP by the Brazilian band Retaliate . https://music.apple.com/us/album/necropolis-single/1535679618?fbclid=IwAR0foPCnUOhDWPhwjATwPytjwS6zNj_HmjBbb7wV6vmBbrMWz7UezWI3pMw


5/16/2020 - Blood and Brutality's "Decor Macabre in available on Vinyl. Click here to order the vinyl "Decor Macabre".


 5/15/2020 - Blood and Brutality's "Fatal" album is available on vinyl. Click here to check out or purchase the "Fatal" vinyl.


 2/1/2020 - Hellfire Magazine's review of Blood and Brutality's Fatal album. Click here to read the Hellfire Magazine review.


1/17/2020 - The third album entitled 'Fatal" is released by Blood and Brutality. https://bloodandbrutality.bandcamp.com/album/fatal


12/13/2019 - Blood and Brutality release a single entitled "Black Horizon" from their upcoming album "Fatal".


12/10/2019 - Blood and Brutality's "Fatal" album release date is being pushed back to 1/17/2020.


8/1/2019 - The third album entitled "Ulv" by Seid is released. 


6/3/2019 - Release date for the album "Tyrant" by Avavago.


6/1/2019 - Official Avavago "Bandcamp" page has been created.


5/19/2019 - Premier of "Broken" by Avavago from the upcoming album Tyrant.


5/19/2019 - Pre-order the "Ulv" LP bundle here Urtod Void Records.


5/18/2019 - Premier of the title track "Ulv" from the third album by Seid.


5/6/2019 - Premier of "Spider in the Web of Urd", the first Seid video for the upcoming album entitled "Ulv".


12/27/2018 - Today is the 8th anniversary of the release of the album "Sick of It All" by Blood and Brutality.  


12/09/2018 - New single "Excruciate" released by Blood and Brutality.


10/25/2018 - Blood and Brutality celebrates its 10th anniversary.


10/4/2018 - Seid releases a new EP entitled Neocrome.


7/30/2018 - New release from Serrated - Mortal Coil


4/20/2018 - B&B Records proudly welcomes the Brazilian band Retaliate to its roster.


3/3/2018 - We now have apparel available from our "Band Merch" button found at the top of the page.


1/20/2018 - B&B Records has received it's shipment of Seid "Darkness Shall Fall" LP vinyls.


1/5/2018 - Blood and Brutality has released their new video "Bound in Flesh"on youtube.


12/30/2017 - Blood and Brutality has released a new EP entitled "Decor Macabre".


12/17/2017 - Seid has released their LP "Darkness Shall Fall" on vinyl through Urtod Void.


6/13/2017 - The Blackest debut album "Dawning of the Black" is now available on Bandcamp.


10/31/2016 - The "Portrait of Blood" split featuring Avavago, Blackest, Blood and Brutality and Passion of Death is now available.


8/27/2016 - Passion of Death is playing the NYDM Alabama Annual at Sloss Furnace.


5/3/2016 - Serrated has released their new single "Straining to See" on CD Baby.


4/26/2016 - Blood and Brutality has released it's remastered compilation "Unheard Screams" on CD Baby.


12/15/2015 - Serrated has released their new EP "Arms of Agony" on CD Baby.


9/8/2015- Passion of Death has released their album "Apophis" on CD Baby.


8/18/2015 - Blood and Brutality has released a cover of "Earth A.D." originally performed by Misfits.