6/13/2017 - Blackest has released their debut album entitled, "Dawning of the Black" on Bandcamp.


3/30/2017 - Seid has released their second album entitled, "Darkness Shall Fall". Check it out here.


1/20/2017 - Seid has completed recording for their second album.


11/22/2016 - The new "Skeletal Remains" video by Voodoo Island has been released.


10/31/2016 - The "Portrait of Blood" split featuring Blood and Brutality, Blackest, Avavago, and Passion of Death is now available.


10/26/2016 - The new "Disgust" video by Blood and Brutality has been released. It is part of a split entitled, "Portrait of Blood" and will be available Halloween 2016.


9/2/2016 - Blackest has released a new video entitled, "The Rise of Ashes", from their upcoming debut album entitled, "The Dawning of the Black".


8/26/2016 - Passion of Death will be playing at Sloss Furnace Saturday August, 27th 2016 at the NYDM / ALDM Annual.


8/25/2016 - Welcome to Blood and Brutality Records.